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15 06 2023 - The new Photovoltaic System has just been installed
In the first few months of 2023 we installed a photovoltaic system, powered to 886,8 kWp. Our commitment to sustainability goes further than the reduction of carbon monoxide. In first place, the minimum dependence of fossil fuels will drastically reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, contributing to produce clearer air and to lessen climate change. On a second note, the use of renewable energy supports us in respecting strict environmental norms and reinforces our social responsibility.
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05 04 2022 - Nothing happens unless first we dream.
And this dream lulled in the hardest months of the pandemics has now come true. A project that comes to life from our own vision: “Being an entity standing out for its ability to do its job very well thanks to people and the will to constantly innovate and improve. A common home where it is possible to grow professionally and humanly, to feel good through authentic relationships, to face daily difficulties together and live positive experiences. A place being a point of reference for future generations, in which each of us will look forward to raising one’s children.” For a new alliance between school and work with the aim of sharing our technical expertise and our values in a path in which knowledge and know-how are the engine of growth for every person of our company. 1st April, year 2022: welcome to our Mechanical Academy!
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