Torneria Colombo is looking for the following figures

We are an Italian turning company specialised in the production of high precision metal parts. Thanks to high automation and to the continuous development in turning machines and in our whole organisation we are active on the national and international markets as a leading company.

Since 1962 our products are used in the following main sectors: automotive, fluid control, high pressure hydraulic, air conditioning, household appliance, medical, industrial. The most worked materials are: steel alloys, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and other metals.

Each candidate is required, in addition to the specific technical skills, to have the ability to generate and maintain a lasting and trusted relationship with his/her team leader, team group and company.

Our vision

Being an entity standing out for its ability to do its job very well thanks to people and the will to constantly innovate and improve.

A common home where it is possible to grow professionally and humanly, to feel good through authentic relationships, to face daily difficulties together and live positive experiences.

A place being a point of reference for future generations, in which each of us will look forward to raising one’s children.