Technology and Innovation

Advanced lathes, internal tool construction, complete control and assembly, automated warehouses

Automation of the production processes, in-house research and development with design and production of its own tools, visual controls, a measurement room, two automated warehouses. These are some of the mainstays that make Torneria Automatica Alfredo Colombo a reliable and consolidated point of reference in Italy and abroad.

The production is achieved with the use of:

single-spindle CNC lathes with sliding head;

single-spindle CNC lathes with fixed head;

mechanical single-spindle lathes with sliding head;

mechanical multi-spindle lathes;

CNC multi-spindle lathes;

Transfer machines


Considered the most technological models of the market, all machines are highly customised to meet the individual needs of each customer.

Shavings and chips and the cleaning phase control is also automated. Special tools are designed and made entirely in the tool development area, based on the materials handled, on the specific performances of the machines and tolerances, through direct and constant interaction with the production departments. Thousands of new tools are conceived, designed and produced each year.

The same machines are constantly updated and improved in close collaboration with suppliers and customers.

The new headquarters in Verderio house two fully automated warehouses which uses the FIFO (first in first out) method to provide the most accurate and efficient control of raw materials and finished products.