The human value

Ongoing training and a workplace where employees can thrive

Employees are allotted 750 certified training hours as part of the annual business plan. This number expresses the company’s desire to create a personal working relationship with employees.

To this purpose, a special training room was created to update teams or develop individual career paths. Many hours of internal training.

Torneria Colombo

The company has established a strict schedule of lessons on the use of machines, controls, computer processes, production planning, and technical design with pre and post course assessments. Efficiency, quality and proactiveness are the parameters which operators and riggers are assessed upon, both individually and in groups. The improvement actions are collected and organised also with graphic tools.

The training processes are completed by participation in national and international fairs and in work groups with suppliers and customers. Teamwork is fostered through teamwork projects, the presence of eating areas and a recreation room.

The layout of the company is designed to foster relations between the various departments. The utmost attention is paid to safety: each lathe is equipped with a fire system with thermal, optical and acoustic detection points.