The Company

Outstanding quality down to the smallest piece

For over half a century, Torneria Automatica Alfredo Colombo, a leading manufacturer of small precision parts, has been upholding the philosophy of being a reliable partner for customers and of providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees.

Torneria Colombo

With 150 qualified employees and about 250 million pieces produced in 2022, the company is an ambassador of Made in Italy excellence, with a strong presence in European and international markets, which currently account for 45% of sales.

Maximum machining precision, continuous improvement of quality processes, ongoing training of employees, innovation and constant improvement are the foundations of the company’s day-to-day operations. With one goal: total customer satisfaction.

Deeply rooted in the automotive, fluid control, high-pressure hydraulics, conditioning, appliance and medical sectors, the products of Torneria Automatica Alfredo Colombo are now present in Europe, Asia, and South America with a progressive global expansion. The company uses various types of steel alloys, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, as well as the widest range of metals.

The most advanced technologies, ability to adapt the production processes to the most specific and variable geometries requested by the customer, and the neverending quest for precision inherent in the company’s DNA are accompanied by a sincere passion of working together as a team.

From acceptance of the order to delivery of the finished product, our motto is: outstanding quality down to the smallest piece.